Ivor's Insights February 2016

Hello everyone. I hope you have all recovered from your Christmas festivities and are now becoming solvent again!
As you are all probably aware the big issue over here is the one surrounding the promised Referendum on whether Britain stays in or leaves the European Union.
David Cameron has been flying to many European countries trying to persuade their leaders to join Britain in the fight for changes to the European Union, particularly regarding the biggest threat to us all, the one of immigration.  So far he hasn't been very successful.
He eventually got an offer called an 'Emergency Brake' which Britain can apply for if we consider the UK is being flooded with too many immigrates. The only trouble with that is we have to get about 14 other European member states to agree with our request before the brake is applied, which is just about impossible. 
So what does our leader do? He returns to the UK, somewhat in triumphant mood, declaring we have made great progress in getting our demands and then adding BUT there is still a lot to do. You can say that again Dave.
Many people, myself included, are leaning towards Britain exiting the European Union. What puzzles me is if most of the European Member countries say - as they do - that they don't want us to leave because they need our products then why don't they do all they can to keep us in by agreeing to some of our requests for change? 
For the last two years Britain has traded more with the rest of the world than with Europe which tends to show that they, Europe,  needs us more than we need them! 
Anyway, IF by some most unlikely miracle our leader can obtain .......... .......  no, on reflection he can't,  so forget I ever said that.  
There are many within the Conservative party who want us to leave the European Union and wish to tell the people the reasons as to why they think that way but David Cameron has forbidden them to speak out until his negotiations with the other member states are completed which should be before the end of February (this year I hope!). Oh well folks, that’s democracy. Don't hold your breath. 
Our other leader one Jeremy Corbyn is even worse. For instance when it comes to good ideas for our security this is what he advocates. . 
1. Keep our Trident submarines but without any nuclear warheads on board - Like an army without guns (Stupid boy, Pike) 
2. Britain should hold discussions with Argentina over the future of the Falkland Islands.  (Tell that to Simon Weston and all the families who lost loved ones in the Falklands war)) 
The fact that the Falkland Islanders, like the people of Gibraltar, consider themselves British and want to remain so is ignored. 
Let’s change the subject and whizz through some other items for you delectation.
The loss of Terry Wogan was a big shock. He was a prime example of someone whose gentle Irish charm (blarney) captivated us via radio and television for so many years. The, usually, 'dreadful' European Song Contest was only made bearable by Terry's tongue in cheek gentle remarks like for instance when referring to the contestant from Belgium as someone from 'Plucky little Belgium'. The vast sums of money he raised for various charities, particularly for Children in Need was colossal. He will be remembered by many with great affection for many years. 
Another radio DJ who died was Ed Stewart. Whenever we happened to be listening to his show we never failed to smile at the cheeky cockney boy who would suddenly utter, in a pure cockney accent the immortal words 'Hello darling' .  
Those of you who remember the television show 'To the Manor Born, which starred Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles might also recall Gerald Sim who played the Vicar. Well, he died last year aged 89 and his will just published shows that among his beneficiaries was the showbiz retirement home, Denville Hall where he lived with his sister, Sheila Sim and her husband Lord Richard 
Before I go I thought you might be interested in this special offer. .
For sale:  Parachute. Only used once, never opened.  
Take care and count your blessings.

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