Ivor's Insights May 2016

Hello everyone. It's only another 34 days before we toddle off to the Polling stations to vote in what is, for many people, particularly the young, probably the most important decision they have been asked to make in their young lives  
I don't envy them because the so-called facts, about whether to remain or leave the EU, being hurled at us on a daily basis by one side of the argument are immediately contradicted by the other point of view. The trouble is when these 'facts' are presented by someone who is a good speaker, very erudite and lucid ,which most politicians are,  then they are more believable to people lacking maturity and limited in life experiences. Old fogies like me, have heard it all before. . 
For instance whether you agree or not with David Cameron's viewpoint about remaining in the EU, and if anyone's interested, I don't agree, it's fair to say that he is a good speaker, hardly ever stumped for words, i.e. a typical politician whereas Boris Johnson on the other side, although a very clever, knowledgeable and popular man tends to smile and joke a little too much, a trait which can be misconstrued by some people as a bit 'clownish' and a man not to be taken seriously which is a great pity.   One thing’s for sure, there are many more 'facts' to be trotted out and promptly kicked in touch before the big day June 23rd arrives.  Here ends the political insight. 
Fantastic Leicester City deserved all the praise heaped upon them for winning the Premier League Championship. How their kept up their high standard of play throughout the season was unbelievable. Naturally as a Spurs fan I was bitterly disappointed to see them end so badly but not surprised. The punch-up match they and Chelsea had was an absolute disgrace and a terrible example to the youngsters. It's a world away from the football I played and watched in my youth, more's the pity'  
Also on the football front all West Ham supporters will know that after all these years the club have played their last match at Upton Park. I had to laugh at the comment reported by the Daily Mail's Martin Samuel, who relates that once he was with his Dad watching the Hammers playing Aston Villa and behind them was a West Ham supporter who used to eat apples, talk and curse the players at the same time, this often would result in bits of spit mixed with apple leaving his mouth and ending up in the hair of the people sitting in front of him! Urgh. Even worse though this so-called expert once remarked that the trouble with legend Bobby Moore was that 'He couldn't pass' For anyone not with me on that remark let me explain that Bobby Moore was renowned as one of the best passers of a football England has ever had.  
 If any of you remember the old television series, Hi-di-Hi  then you might like to know that Barry Howard, who played the dance instructor from 1980-1986 has died aged 78. 
 To finish here's a couple of 'jokes'? 
 1 Of course I talk to myself, I need expert advice.
 2. I don't trip over things, I do random gravity checks
Name the song which is played or sung the most throughout the world. 
 Take care 

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