Ivor's Insights Part 1

Part One
Over the years it is only natural for parents to relate incidents of their own lives, birthplace, schooling, work, opinions, beliefs, hobbies, holidays etc to their children. This is something my wife and I have done with our two sons Chris and Martin.  So when Chris suggested that maybe some of the readers of my Insights might be interested in learning a bit more about me, I thought that perhaps you would, after all Scotland Yard, The Immigration Office and the Inland Revenue know all about me so why not you?
    So, with this in mind I have changed the title of my usual Insights to fit this adventure. Firstly let me assure you this will be no masterpiece of prose, or a best seller. I’ve no idea how it’s going to work out myself so please bear with me as I attempt to relate some of the events, good, bad, big, small, interesting, boring!, unbelievable, plus mistakes I have made, which I have tried not to repeat in my 84 (so far!) years, on this mad, violent, intolerant, prejudiced, materialistic, ever changing but also at the same time, wonderful and beautiful world.
   The first part of my story sets the scene from my birth and naturally involves my parents; well it would wouldn’t it, and my brothers and sister.  I have limited recollections of my early days for reasons I shall now explain. Some of you may recall from past Insights I have told the story of my father, Herbert Hodgson and what an interesting and rewarding life he had and one which he, thankfully, committed to print in a book entitled Impressions of War. (Don’t worry if you are unaware of this fact, it’s not too late to purchase a copy of the book. I believe Chris has one or two copies available in his shop, The British Touch, now there’s a plug if ever I heard one). If he has sold out don’t panic Mr Mainwaring, I could bring a few copies over when my wife and I visit in early October this year. If anyone is interested just let Chris know. You can also visit www.martlet-books.co.uk and click onto Impressions of War - The Memoirs of Herbert John Hodgson 1893-1974. Follow all the links to get an outline of the life and story of, to quote my father’s own description of himself, ‘Just an Ordinary Bloke’. Believe me he was, and his story is, far from Ordinary.
     Because of my somewhat hazy and limited recall of my early days, it is very fortuitous for me that I can draw on my father’s Memoirs for clarification of any points of uncertainty I may encounter whilst writing this, my story for you.
---End of Part One---

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