DIY Tin Can Indoor Hanging Planter

Pull tab lids are great for opening...and hanging!

What you’ll need:

  • tin cans with a pull tab lid (well washed and dried)
  • floral foam 
  • paint 
  • artificial flowers, pens, other small items
  • decorations of choice - crafters tape and paper, etc. 
  • glue or sealer


  • Remove the pull tab lid about two thirds off of the can as well as the label.
  • Make sure it is free of metal shards, well washed, and dried.
  • Apply an even coat of paint to the can, let dry OR
  • Decoupage patterned paper to the can
  • Fill the can with cut squares of floral foam
  • Add flowers or other decorations to the foam 
  • Hang on a hook by the pull tab